Don’t delay, monitor today

According to research conducted for the Energy Institute, last year 43% of Britain’s homes were powered by wind energy – a new record for energy volumes produced by wind farms. The reported 7.315 GW (gigawatts) breaks the previous record of 7.234 GW. As environmental policy and climate change become increasingly important, sustainably produced wind energy is expected to continue to grow in significance. Continue reading

The reality of wireless devices

As of Thursday 1st January, a new European standard came into effect that limits the effectiveness of industrial wireless devices. Officially titled EN300328 V1.8.1, the European standard has introduced a ‘listen before talk’ (LBT) transmission process to wireless devices, much to the dismay of OEMs and end users. Although wireless device capability may be reduced, will the new standard significantly affect businesses that implement predictive maintenance? Continue reading