Creating an environment for success

A recent blog from engineering firm Dawson Shanahan caught our attention this week on how industry must remember to promote its successes. Although this particular example was focused around precision engineering, the same can be said of technology which enables manufacturers’ operations to remain efficient, cost effective and sustainable.
Maintenance engineerVibration monitoring plays a silent but powerful role for companies around the world. As part of a process of performance optimisation it can help companies control production costs, boost uptime and meet delivery schedules.  These are key factors for many businesses as they strive to meet customers’ expectations efficiently and profitably.

Preventative maintenance strategies can play an important role in helping manufacturers meet these market shifts, by reducing downtime and ensuring energy efficiency is maximised. For example, if the operating efficiency of a 75 kW motor which runs 24/7, 365 days of the year is improved by just 10%,  you can typically save in excess of 80,928kWH of energy per year, amounting to well over £2,500 in monetary terms. These savings can be achieved through an effective predictive maintenance strategy, minimising the costs associated with inefficient machinery and unnecessary maintenance.

Vibration monitoring is a vital part of all predictive maintenance techniques, and can therefore help manufacturers maximise uptime and process efficiencies – something that may not quite be the holy grail of manufacturing but certainly comes very close!

Hansford Sensors has long been involved in condition monitoring and preventative maintenance solutions to a wide range of manufacturing industries such as pharmaceuticals, energy and the paper industry, to name a few. As end user expectations continue to evolve, it is paramount that we all continue to evolve and offer new and innovative solutions so that manufacturers can continue to push the envelope in both product design and customer satisfaction.

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