What does vibration tell us?

HS-109Vibration monitoring is a powerful tool used by many engineers and plant managers to help them efficiently and sustainably run their manufacturing operations.

With every single motor odds on to experience some kind of failure or fault within its lifetime, vibration data is an invaluable resource to have at your disposal and can be the difference between unplanned downtime or operations that run effectively and profitably.

Vibration can be caused by a multitude of factors; for example, mechanical imbalance, loose components, rubbing parts and bearing wear. Although small changes in vibration levels are unlikely to spell disaster, a prolonged and uninvestigated instance can result in total failure or cause problems, which can in turn affect overall productivity and output.

Vibration is not a new problem. In 1907, Frederick W. Taylor described machining vibrations as “the most obscure and delicate of all the problems facing the machinist”. While this is still true, technologies have improved, allowing plant operators, managers and engineers to benefit from a host of condition monitoring systems that both provide early warning of potential faults and deliver precise real time data on operating status, allowing maintenance to be proactive and planned..

At Hansford Sensors we offer a comprehensive range of industrial accelerometers, which work across a wide range of industries, providing plant managers and engineers with the tools needed to drive efficiency and productivity throughout their operations.

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