The Indian market emerges

India ManufacturingThe global manufacturing sector has undoubtedly experienced mixed fortunes over the previous decade. 2008’s global Great Recession had extensive, far
reaching consequences for all of industry, contributing to a significant fall in manufacturing demand and productivity in developed nations. It was only in the last couple of years that the manufacturing industry identified the green shoots of recovery and although the fallout from the recession can still be felt, it appears a promising level of stability has returned to the market and a number of nations are experiencing steady growth again.

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Don’t delay, monitor today

According to research conducted for the Energy Institute, last year 43% of Britain’s homes were powered by wind energy – a new record for energy volumes produced by wind farms. The reported 7.315 GW (gigawatts) breaks the previous record of 7.234 GW. As environmental policy and climate change become increasingly important, sustainably produced wind energy is expected to continue to grow in significance. Continue reading